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Below are some of the ways your organization may choose to learn and apply the Organizations Alive! Model.

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1.         Introductory Meetings

Begin with an introductory meeting with representatives of your organization and an
Organizations Alive! Practitioner to:

§         Review the Model

§         Discuss its Benefits

§         Explore Applications

§         Make Decisions

§         Plan Next Steps

This introduction will help you to customize the application of the Organizations Alive! Model to the unique challenges and opportunities in your organizations.        5 up

2.         Information Sessions

Information sessions can be conducted within your organization as a way of introducing all stakeholders to the Organizations Alive! Model.

Information sessions are from one to two hours in length and encourage participant interaction. Reference materials may be included as well.        5 up

3.         Consultation Events

Use the
Organizations Alive! Model to:

§  Diagnose Current Status

§  Identify Strengths and Opportunities

§         Articulate Issues and Challenges

§         Brainstorm Options

§         Plan Strategically

§         Allocate Resources

§         Debrief, Review, and Evaluate

Consultation Events can be conducted with one person, or with groups - intact teams, business units, departments, as well as the entire organization.

Realize new insights and strategies for particular initiatives, or for whole system change.

[More about Consultation Events with non-profit organizations.]       
5 up

4.         Balancing Project Priorities Workshop

Professionals who juggle multiple priorities will be interested in this two-day workshop.
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In the Balance Workshop

Managers can participate in a one-day training workshop ('In the Balance') in which the
Organizations Alive! Model is used to help focus on immediate and long term priorities so that they can effectively:

§         Articulate Performance Objectives

§         Delegate Work and Mandate Others

§         Help Teamwork Really Work

§         Monitor Progress

§         Achieve Expected Results

§         Evaluate Outcomes        5 up

5.         Executive Heads-Up

Bring senior advisors, decision makers, and leaders together for a day of ‘next level thinking’ to:

§         Focus the Strategic Vision

§         Optimize Resource Management

§         Shift the Customer Service Paradigm

§         Inspire People

Explore, resolve, align, resolve, renew, and create. Realize the potential of the organization to become vibrant and remarkable!         5 up

6.         Coaching 

One-on-one coaching is available to managers, leaders, and change agents who want to use the Organizations Alive! Model to:

§         Identify Personal Strengths and Preferences

§         Appreciate Individual Learning and Leadership Styles

§         Work Through Difficult Issues

§         Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills

§         Show Courage and Compassion        5 up

7.         Practitioner Training

Training is available for individuals to become qualified Organizations Alive! Model Practitioners.

Through training, Organization Development Consultants, Management Trainers, Group Facilitators, Coaches, Human Resource Professionals, Auditors, Team Leaders, and Program Evaluators can become proficient in application of the Organizations Alive! Model in their work.

Training is conducted as:

§         Open Workshops [more]

§       In-House Workshops (Contact us to have a workshop set up for your organization.)

Upon completion of the training, participants immediately become a member of the growing support and learning network – a.k.a. NOA!

Practitioners may also pursue credentials as Licensed and Master Practitioners.         5 up

8.         Targeted Initiatives

The Organizations Alive! Model can be used as a framework to plan, implement, and evaluate a variety of undertakings, such as:

§         Meetings, Projects, Conferences, and Retreats

§         Marketing Campaigns

§         Training and Development

§         Budget Allocation

§         Building Teams

§         Performance Review Programs

Using the Organizations Alive! Model ensures a comprehensive approach to the effort – one that incorporates vision, resources, customers, and members of the team.


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