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Licensed Materials

Organizations Alive!
Licensed Materials are made available to Practitioners who have completed both the Training and Licensing Workshops. Licensed Practitioners must sign the Licensing Agreement, and agree to its terms, in order to purchase Licensed Materials.

The purpose of these Licensed Materials is to provide Licensed Practitioners with high quality resources that support their work in creating vibrant and remarkable organizations.

The more specific objectives are to enable Licensed Practitioners to: 

1.    Access the most up-to-date versions of all Licensed Materials.

2.    Make selections and choices simply and easily.  

3.    Acquire the Licensed Materials promptly and efficiently.

4.    Make use of high quality products.

The categories of Organizations Alive! Licensed Materials, according to their intended use, are:

Licensed Support Materials assist you in further developing your knowledge, understanding, and use of the Organizations Alive! Model, including such items as audio-visual learning resources, Practitioner Guide, and Event Checklist. These Licensed Support Materials are for your eyes (and ears) only.

Licensed Presentation Materials
ssist you in presenting the Organizations Alive! Model to others, and include such items as electronic presentations, visual aids, posters, etc. These Licensed Presentation Materials must remain under your complete control i.e. used in your presentations, but not made available to others.

Licensed Client Materials
are Licensed Materials that you provide to others with whom you are working, and include such items as the books, guides, posters, workshop handouts, etc.

They also include Licensed Marketing Materials to help you introduce colleagues and clients to the Organizations Alive! Model, its uses and benefits. They include flyers, brochures, promotional items, etc.

Thank you for respecting the terms of use, as they are outlined here and in the Licensing Agreement, and for handling the Licensed Materials with as much care and attention as you would a creation of your own!

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Remember: If you don't see the product you need, ask for it!



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