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The Network of Organizations Alive! Practitioners

The Network of Organizations Alive! (a.k.a. NOA!) Practitioners was launched on November 29, 2005, with the first graduates of the Workshop held on November 21 and 22. Since then our numbers have grown, and we are becoming a dynamic and very lively network of highly-skilled consultants, managers, executives, project leaders, facilitators, trainers, coaches, and HR specialists. We are challenged daily by our clients, but encouraged by the insight, simplicity, and comprehensiveness that the
Organizations Alive! Model model brings to the work that they ask us to do. You can read some members' profiles at this link.

NOA! provides support and learning opportunities for Practitioners (Trained, Licensed, and Master Levels) of the Organizations Alive!  Model, including:

  1. The NetworkOA! was set up to:

    1. network and stay connected as a Community of Practice

    2. explore the theory and practical applications of the model

    3. share success stories and ideas for interventions

    4. request and offer help to each other

    5. teach what they know and learn new things

    6. make announcements - news, invitations, updates, opportunities, etc.

    7. share resources, articles, and other useful information

    8. provide coordinates and web links to clients and colleagues via the www.OrganizationsAlive.com website

  2. Originally, in 2005, a Yahoo! Group was set up as a closed group for practitioners to network with each other. In 2009 it was changed to an open LinkedIn forum. To join this Organizations Alive! Forum, go to - http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=820597

  3. Breakfast Meetings are held in Ottawa from time to time for:

    1. face-to-face introductions and networking with fellow Practitioners

    2. professional development - like Consultation Events with non-profit organizations, incorporating other models and tools in their work with Organizations Alive!, etc.

    3. discussing new projects, resources, and upcoming events

  4. Organizations Alive! WORKOUTS (a.k.a. Consultation Events) with charitable organizations [more]

  5. From time to time Mastery Meetings are held in Ottawa to:

    1. support each other in our personal and professional development

    2. strengthen the Organizations Alive! Community of Practice

  6. Access to one-on-one coaching to support their use of the model with clients.

  7. As Licensed Practitioners, access to Organizations Alive!  resources for their colleagues and clients

  8. As Master Practitioners, offer Organizations Alive!  workshops and interventions.

  9. ... and more!


What does the name 'Noa' mean?


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