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2+1 day package

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Contact us
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Sign up for the Training Workshop and Licensing Workshop of your choice
at the same time

and save $150!


Learn to:

 Confidently use the Organizations Alive! Model as a mental framework for understanding the complexities of organizational dynamics.

  Accurately describe the components and interactions of the model and its interactions to a colleague or client for effective collaboration and partnering.

  Appropriately apply the model as a guide for making choices when allocating energy, time, and resources to initiatives.

Workshop Materials Include:

 the book - Organizations Alive!  [more]
 the Reference and Inquiry Guide [more]
 the full-colour Participant Binder


 Acquire new professional credentials!

 List your personal, professional, and organizational coordinates on the Licensed Practitioners page.

 Use new products and services with your clients!

  Access resources (presentation aids, handouts, marketing tools, learning modules, etc.) that enhance your use of the Organizations Alive! Model with your clients.

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This payment option gives you
the benefits of both workshops
at a reduced price.


There are a limited number of
Reference and Inquiry Guides
available in French.
Please contact us for details.



Who is this workshop for?:

  internal and external organization development consultants
  human resource specialists
  management and leadership trainers
  group facilitators
  business owners and entrepreneurs
 senior managers, project leaders, policy advisors, auditors, program evaluators ...

... anyone who sees themselves as having the ability and desire to positively influence the organization with which they work!

Who is this workshop for?

Internal and external consultants, trainers, facilitators, coaches, managers, etc. who have taken the 2-day Training Workshop and want to advance their use of the Organizations Alive! Model with clients and colleagues.

They must want to:

 maintain the integrity of the model,
 use it ethically, and
 respect the copyright of materials and resources

Upon completion of the workshop you become:

  an Organizations Alive! Practitioner
  a member of the Organizations Alive! Support and Learning Network (a.k.a. NOA!) - a vibrant and growing Community of Practice.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be asked to sign the Win-Win-Win Agreement to complete the licensing process in order to become a Licensed Practitioner.  
  $1095.00**CAD $725.00 CAD $1,670.00 CAD (save $150!)  
Contact us for more information!

** When 3 people from your organization
register for the 2-day workshop,
the 4th person attends free!

Contact us for payment options.

Quality Materials
Quality Instruction
Quality Content
Quality Results




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