How to navigate popular design trends as they come and go.

Unless you have been living under a rock or off the grid for the last few years, 你一定听说过现代农舍. You might associate the explosion of its popularity with Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show, 固定器上, but the foundation of this popular style has been building for the last few decades.

首先是80年代的“破旧时尚”热潮. 然后“农舍”décor在90年代占据了主导地位. These trends slowly gave way to a more streamlined, but still casual, aesthetic in Modern Farmhouse.


One of the most attractive things about trends like Modern Farmhouse is the blend of new and old, and the juxtaposition of two styles that seem opposite. 这种风格的意思是,“旧的又是新的。!”

那里很多人 把现代室内设计想成是刻板和正式的 (不总是正确的!),农舍带来一些舒适和随意. Below you will see the elements of each design that are often incorporated into Modern Farmhouse. 你可能会注意到它们也有一些重叠!


master bedroom interior with white bed and gray chairs
  • High contrast between colors, generous use of black and white
  • 天然材料,如石头、木材和大理石
  • 克制的配件
  • 现代艺术作品
  • 清晰的形状和线条
  • 大量的自然光线和开放
  • 工业元素


  • Use of lots of white, off white, and other neutral colors
  • Natural materials like stone, reclaimed wood, and marble
  • 工业和复古元素
  • 传家宝和翻新家具
  • 光和亮
  • 流行的图案,有质感的亚麻布

You can see why these two styles work so well together. You might not immediately think it, but they have a lot in common! 有了Modern农舍,你可以得到这两种风格的最佳效果. 难怪这么多人被它吸引.


When décor trends hit the Targets and Walmarts of the world, you know a trend has hit its peak. Today you can definitely find ample Modern Farmhouse décor options at all major retailers… so here we are.

然而, that is not to say that this trend is passe and if you love it, you should skip it. Trends are a moving target, without hard start and stop dates. This means that Modern Farmhouse will not be going out of style tomorrow. 事实上, many elements of it will continue to be popular for years to come and will influence the next big trend.

记住:破旧别致融入了农舍. 乡村/农家乐转变为现代农家乐. 《rb88热博官网》将适应并演变成……? We do not know what we will call it yet, but there will be another iteration.

那么,如何导航这些转换呢? How do you incorporate a décor trend that you love and make sure that you still love it in a decade? 关键在于永不过时的设计.


Unless money is no object and/or you enjoy large home projects with a steady stream of contractors in your home, 在如何把握趋势方面,你需要谨慎.


Big investments like flooring, furniture, cabinetry, and other hardscapes should be of 永恒的设计.

Timeless elements are materials and styles that appear again and again in various design styles throughout history or have stood the test of time. Think of Greek or Roman architecture, aviator sunglasses, and red lipstick. Has there ever been a time when these things were horribly out of place?

I am not advising you to add some Colosseum-esque columns to your home, 希望你们明白了! There are just some things that always fit in, regardless of the current era.


颜色能使事物年代久远. Just think of colors that are associated with a specific decade. Olive and rust for the 70’s, mauve and powder blue for the 80’s. 颜色是我最喜欢的设计元素之一, but a smart strategy is to stick with neutrals on the most expensive stuff… when has white or black ever gone out of style? 你可以把自己的颜色用在配饰上, 油漆, 和枕头, 哪些是容易更改且更新成本较低的.


It is a myth that you must chase trends for your home to look current. Your home design can be both “of the moment” while also remaining timeless. 好的设计是非常个人化的, 所以当我们为客户设计时, 我们帮助他们规划自己的个人风格. It may draw elements from several main design types, but they are always happy. You will be happier too if you are surrounded by beautiful things that mean something to you.

Modern Farmhouse Interiors in Portland, OR by Allison Smith Design

The Modern Farmhouse trend truly does have mass appeal, and we have incorporated elements of it in some interior design projects we have recently completed here in the Portland, 或地区.


带皮椅的中性沙发. The coffee table is decorated for fall with rattan pumpkins.

耷拉下来草甸库尔思在, the client loved a variety of design styles and had curated many loved pieces from their previous homes, 旅行, 生活的各个阶段. We wanted to make the home sophisticated and stylish, but also keep it comfortable and approachable. We needed to integrate various design styles without appearing disjointed. You can see the Modern Farmhouse present in the combination of light and dark, 木头和白色, and layers and layers of texture in the upholstery and soft goods.

You can see the entire gallery for this comfortable classic home at Kurth草地 by clicking here.


在这个 西北rb88热博全屋改造, 我们把它从90年代的辉煌变成了现在的时尚, gorgeous modern design that makes profusive use of many gorgeous green hues. Throughout the home you will find many nods to Modern design, like furniture with clean lines and industrial lighting. 然而, 一路上有许多奇思妙想, 尤其是在配件方面, 增添了一种独特的农家气息.

You can see the entire gallery for this northwest Portland modern farmhouse by clicking here.

如果你喜欢现代农舍风格,不用担心! You can incorporate elements you love and maintain a stylish home for years to come.


It defines your home and creates a set of building blocks to create from. It is a useful tool to determine various design aspects like color palettes, 完成, 或者模式…你能想到的. 做个小测试,看看哪种风格最适合你!