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Reference and Inquiry Guide

by Jan Yuill
5.5"x8.5" - full colour - coil bound - 32 pages


The Reference and Inquiry Guide is a companion resource to the Organizations Alive! book, which describes the model in depth. The guide is a step-by-step presentation tool with colourful images, making it easy to share the constructs of the model with others. Over 200 probing and targeted questions help you to explore - factually, deeply, and non-judgmentally - the truths about the organization with which you are working.

"I find that I am keeping the guide in my briefcase for when I meet with clients. Sometimes I pull it out to help guide our conversation. It helps us ‘see’ things from a neutral perspective. Sometimes I use it post conversation just to see what I notice and to give me ideas on a new set of questions to open our next dialogue with."     - Linda Vanderlee

The guide had been in the works for a year (from the fall of 2006 to the fall of 2007). The ‘idea’ of it began at our network breakfasts, when many of the Practitioners asked for a teaching tool and lots more questions to help clients explore the model. Around that time, Tracey Hagerman and I had request for a strategic planning session with a client and we began to create a handout for the session. As the handout ‘grew,’ it began to look like what the Practitioners had been asking for, and ta-da! … The Reference and Inquiry Guide was created.

Many drafts have been shared over the past year, the first of which was the one given out at our December 2006 Ottawa breakfast. Participants, of each of the Training Workshops since then, have also received versions of it.

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