Organizations Alive!

Introductory Webinar

Take your results to the next level with the Organizations Alive!* Model.

Join Jan Yuill in this one-hour introductory seminar and learn about the Organizations Alive! Model - the principles, the constructs, the critical Four, the dynamic Six, and the ultimate Seventh. Energize and renew your commitment to the importance of a clear sense of purpose and direction; the careful and responsible use of resources; knowing the wants and needs of those you serve; and using the talents and energies of all the members of your organization.

Host:         Jan Yuill
         every 3rd month on the 4th Tuesday (check the calendar here for actual dates)
Time:        7:00-8:00 pm EST - (time converter)
Cost:         $49.00

Please indicate the date of the workshop in the comments section when you register.

Upon registration you will receive details for a conference call and a whiteboard connection.
These will entitle you to a single phone-line and one computer connection for the event.

You are welcome to invite your colleagues and clients to gather around your speaker phone and computer,
to participate with you at no extra charge.

No travel!     No download!     No attendance limit!

   $49.00 Cdn

You may also want to purchase a copy of Organizations Alive! (book)
and/or the Reference and Inquiry Guide in advance.
For more information about these resources and how to order them, click

Contact us for more information!

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