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“So often we are caught between here and there; between where we are now, and where we’d like to be,” says Jan Yuill. “Our role as organizational change and development practitioners is to help to move things forward. We use many theories, processes, and instruments to work through that in-between place with them. Having just the right tool is important. Yuill’s Tools offers you more choices.” 

1. Yuill's Tools Is the title of Jan Yuill's next book. Each chapter is a unique theory, model, exercise, or reminder, that has evolved from her work and studies. Seven chapters are done!

2. Join a webinar, based on one of the chapters.

3. Ask for news about the Yuill's Tools Workbook Series: Self-Directed Learning Resources. Coming very soon! Each cool tool in a handy workbook.

4. Arrange to have Yuill's Tools brought in to your workplace as high-impact, affordable, and time-efficient learning events.


5. Between October 2008 and April 2009, the first seven chapters of Yuill's Tools were shared with colleagues in monthly Learning Breakfasts. Read the feedback from those sessions here.

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